Message from the Secretary

It is indeed a privilege to have been associated with Bishop Westcott School, Soeko from its very inception and now its Secretary.

I clearly remember that when this seed was sown more than two decades ago when the then Bishop Termom, the former Girl's School Principal , Miss Pankaj, the former bursar B.W.G.S., Late Miss John and myself used to go on frequent trips to Soeko to review the lay out of the place and checked its feasibility for setting up an educational institution for the benefit and upliftment of the people in and around the area.

Time has just flitted by and it is a joyous occasion to see how the institution has developed and grown. Much still needs to be done and it requires dedication and commitment for it to flourish and keep up with the demands of the times.

The present and founder Principal, Mr. V.Shaw and his team of devoted teachers need to be commended for their hard work and devotion.

Once again I wish the Principal, staff and students all the very best and many more years of devoted service to this very noble cause. Keep it up WESTCOTT SOEKO.

Yours in Christ