School Uniform

School uniform for Boarders & Day Scholars

Summer dress: (July to October & March to June)
Winter dress: (October to March)

1. Short Sleeved shirt 3
2. Short pants (up to std IV) 3
3. Long sleeved shirt 2
4. Long pant 2 for everybody for winter (std VI onwards 3)
5. White half pant & full shirt one set
6. White full pant & full shirt one set
7. Three pair of school socks
8. White three pair of socks- for boarders
9. White at least one pair of socks- for day scholars
10. School Tie 1 (supplied by the school on payment)
11. Black Bata school shoe with shoe lace- one pair (for all)
12. White keds (for all one pair) & one colour keds
13. Boarders compulsory and day scholars who wish to take part in sports, games & P.T. must have
  1. Two white short pants
  2. Two black short pants
  3. Two white round neck T-Shirts
  4. School tracksuit-supplied by the school on payment
14. Night suit (cotton)
15. Five sets of personal clothes
16. One pair of private shoe/sandals
17. One pair of ordinary slippers for dormitory
18. Slacks (School Skirt colour) 2
19. Rain coat of good quality
20. Under wear/Panties 6. This is a must for all students
21. White "Sameej" 4 each
22. Matron will notify the parents, the need and requirements of girl student time to time
23. Handkerchiefs- 6
24. Sweater 1 (Personal -1 full & 1 half)
25. School Sweater 1 (supplied by the school on payment)
26. Blazer 1 (supplied by the school on payment)
27. Monkey Cap (Dark Brown) 1 - For winter