General Rules

  1. All disputes subject to Khunti jurisdiction
  2. All communications should be addressed to the Principal
  3. The Principal reserves the right, without assigning any reason, to decline any application or request the removal of a student if he considers it be in the best interest of the school
  4. Day Scholars, who do not attend school on a particular day, must bring an application from their parents stating reasons for absence is due to some illness, then in that case, a medical certificate confirming the illness should be attached herewith
  6. Once a student enters the school, he/she will be permitted no visitors nor be allowed to leave the premises unless it is for a very genuinely urgent reasons
  7. Once school begins (i.e. as soon as school starts) all the entrances exists to the campus will be sealed. The Principal or the staff or students will entertain no visitors there after until the school is dispersed.
  8. The principal will entertain visitors by prior appointment on weekdays between 11:00 to 1:00 P.M, not on Saturday or Sunday.
  9. No students will be permitted to repeat any class more than once
  10. A list of school holidays is published annually.Boarders are not allowed to leave the school except during the holidays unless it is an urgency, which is to be stated in writing with full details.
  11. Any boarder who goes on exact, leaves or enters the school premises at the end and beginning of a holiday, or leaves the school premises for any purpose whatsoever must do so in full school uniform.Parents are requested to see that at the time of joining school specially, their wards are in full school uniform.
  12. No boarder is allowed outside the school compound unescorted except with guardian's permission.
  13. At the end of the term boarders should leave the school for holidays, but not before.
  14. At the beginning of a term boarders should return with clean kit. (Bedding & clothes etc.)
  15. Parents/Guardians may visit their wards only on the second Saturday and Sunday of the month and may take their wards for an over night exact on Saturday after ensuring that he/she returns before 5 PM on Sunday.Violation of this rule will justify a fine or suspension of the offending student at the discretion of the Principal.
  16. No boarder will be permitted to bring articles such as expensive watches, large amount of money, cell phone, electrical equipments, charger electric iron, radios or other such articles, ornaments, cameras etc.
  17. At the time fresh admission all boarders will furnish details of their medical history written by a registered medical practitioner along with blood group in the health record book issued at the time of registration.
  18. Boarders newly admitted/returning from vacation will be inspected by the school nurse and those found to suffering from any contagious disease wiil be refued admission.
  19. Hair cuts, laundering of clothes, entertainments, electricity, hot water and minor medical attention will be absorbed in the monthly boarding fee but if your ward requires doctor's visit and further medication, a separate charge will be made and billed. Shoe repair/replacement and replacement of clothes that become useless will also be billed.
  20. Any damage done to the school property wilfully will also be billed.
  21. Parents who insist that their ward's exam marks be changed on their wards be promoted are warned that it is an undesirable practice for which the names of their may be struck off the school rolls.
  22. No parent may enter into any agreement for private tuition with any teacher of the school without prior sanction of the principal.