Message from Staff Representative

I joined this school on July, 1992. It was a wonderful experience to come and stay in the village after coming from a town. The village surrounded by forests and hills and mountains. The school building was half done. The classes were held on the ground floor and the students stayed on the first floor.It is rather surprising fact that the school started with 26 children. Bishop Hans took the first class of the school

There were three lady teachers and we managed in one room in the Principal's quarter. There was no electricity facility then and we had to manage with the lantern but the school staff and the students adjusted happily to this situation.Everything was totally different from the life of the city. We were just like the boarding mother. We got up very early and use to put jam and butter on the bread.

The children were so small therefore we dressed them also.We gave them bathes too. We were very happy with those children, though it was very difficult to teach them in English medium as most of them came from the rural areas.It was a very tough time for us.We faced many difficulties during that time.Once we faced the problem of wahser man. And so when the classes were over we put two big tables on the verandah and ironed all the uniforms.The children were very close to us.It was totally a new and different small happy world at Bishop Westcott School at Soeko.

The winters used to be very cold that we used to freeze.The fog all around like a hill station was really beautiful but summers were unbearable.The burning heat almost burnt our skin.There were no trees and it was bare due to which the heat felt was more but now it is greenery every where.It has changed a lot.It has been rightly quoted that the world is always changing.

We faced another problem due to the difference in the language. The local people were unable to understand Hindi and we had to demonstrate them to convey the matter.We were also unable to follow the language.We used to go for marketing 16 kms far.There were many looting incidents on the way back in the dark and lonely road.Once it so happened that the two staff beat each other in the dark while the actual looters fled away in the darkness.When the gents staff went for the counter attack, it was the responsibility of the ladies staff to see the security of the school.It was a time when any staff had to do any work, any thing but we really enjoyed it.

This was the situation about twenty years before, the situation then and what it is now has a great difference.Those days were full of thrill inspite of many deficiencies. Now we can provide it with many facilities like light system provided by generator, the solar phone, the better living facility but still we are far behind. We have to succeed in our aim and target.We have to fulfill the dream of the Founder's.I am sure and hope that we together will be able to fulfill the dreams and achieve the aim. The dream of Moderator(C.N.I), The Most RtRev A.C.Lal will be fulfilled who quoted "Let the stream flow through the desert."

Mrs. A. Shaw