Message from the Founder of School

Our Founder

The founder of the school, it seems, is a greatest fool, a crazy man. Only a mad man can think of establishing such a school in such a remote place. But, probably this school has been established in this small and remote village where only Mundas live to see the result of the blend of two far fetched languages. Language is the mirror of culture. And, therefore, possibly the founder wanted to see the outcome of the mixture of the two cultures coming out because of this English Medium School amidst the Mundari speaking people. Or, most probably he wanted to hasten the narrow outlook of Mundas driven away and broaden their outlook in the fast changing world. In his opinion, probably, unless the Mundas are given education in one of the largely spoken languages in the world, their mere survival is at stake. Long ago Darwin has established the theory of "Survival of the fittest", meaning that only that only those species of living beings will survive who will make themselves fit to live in a given situation. In this fast changing and computerised world, nay in the global village, if some species of humankind don't change their age old life style then their living for long on this planet is a question mark. There are people who say that Tribal peoples' life style should not be touched nor be changed; because that is their identity and if one losses ones identity one looses everything. Such a arrangement is very-very selfish and dangerous to the Tribals. The people making such statements want to keep the Tribals away from the reality of the world and leave them to self annihilation as they will in due course of time become totally unfit to survive in the computerised world.

To me, the founder, had great burden to protect the Tribal people of Jharkhand from annihilation and aquainted them with realities of life in the fast changing world and make them "Fit for Survival". And, it is possible only when the Tribal people get good education in a language which is spoken throughout the world. I, therefore, strongly justify the establishment of this school in such a remote place.

The history of opening of this school here at Soeko is also very very interesting and thrilling. Soeko, in real sense of terms is very lucky village to have this school.

The founder provoked and challenged the Principals of Bishop Westcott Boys' and Girls' school at Namkom, Ranchi to give birth to a new baby of their kind somewhere in te Diocese. The Principals, Mr. R.I. Thronton and Miss Vidya Pankaj took this challenge very seriously and told the founder that wherever he wanted they would agree. On their part they also challenged the staff of their schools if some one of them would offer himself to head the institution, wherever it would be opened, from the scratch i.e. to construct the building and prepare the infrastructure for a good school. At this Mr. Vijay Shaw accepted this challenge caring not a pin of his secured job and comfort of Bishop Westcott Boys' School, Namkom and well aware of the cost and fate. His wife Neena also, a faithful wife followed him, leaving behind the same comfort fulfilling her marriage vows, i.e. "I shall have and hold you from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or poorer; in sickness or in health.............till death do us part"

As this sort of school is normally expected to be in a town or city the management also first thought to establish this school at Hazaribagh. But because of certain things the management was disappointed. Then Management thought to have this school at Lohardaga. But, there also cart was put before horse and nothing happened. Finally the Trinity of the Bishop, Mr. R.I.Thronton and Miss V. Pankaj unanimously decided to open it in a remote and rural area to experiment the vision of the founder. The Trinity along with the bursar of Bishop Westcott Girls' School, Namkom Miss S. John visited Soeko several times. The Pastorate Committee of Soeko Pastorate also co-operated very well by unanimously deciding to have this kind of school here. Mr. Vijay Shaw was so impatient to have the school that he moved to Soeko to see the construction of the building by himself and also to prepare the infrastructure for the school. He lived with coolies in a godown meant for building tools and materials. It was he who, under such humiliating situation saw the coming up of the school. He even worked with the masons and other workers and because of his hard labour and sacrifice the main building was complete to the extent of at least starting classes well within one-year time. And, school took off since June, 1992 just after two years the first baby of the two established schools was born in front of Bishop's Lodge, Ranchi and christened as "Bishop's School", dedicated to "HOLY CROSS".

The second baby, thus, was born in 1992 and named "Bishop Westcott School" here i Soeko and dedicated to "St. STEPHEN'S" the first Martyr of the Church.

Stephen means Lion. We know what kind of animal a lion is. It never eats the left overs for its food. It uses its strength to catch a prey for its food. Because of this kind of nature it iss called the "King of the Jungle".

I hope and believe the teachers will prepare the lions in this school in the able leadership of the Rev.Deacon Vijay Shaw, the Principal.

May God shower His richest blessings upon the school.

Most Rt.Rev.Z.james Terom
(1986 - 2006)