Item List for Boarders

Clothes & Item List for Boarders
1. Mattress Supplied by the school
2. Blanket 1
3. Quilt (Rajai) 1
4. Pillow Supplied by the school
5. White pillow case 2
6. White bed sheets 2
7. Mosquito net Supplied by the school (only once to a child admitted.After getting torn or damaged a new one to be purchased by the parents concerned)
8. Bed cover
9. For bed wetters - 4 white bed sheets and white thick plastic sheet
10. Coloured bed sheet 2

Personal Items for all Boarders
1. Towel- Bath & Face 2 each
2. Toothbrush
3. Toothpaste
4. Tongue cleaner
5. Soap- Bathing & Washing with soap dishes + bath scrubbers
6. Shampoo if required
7. Shoe brush 1 black & white with polish
8. Comb
9. Nail cutter
10. Mug/water bottle
11. Hair oil if required
12. School bag
13. Lock & key 4
14. Belt/Ribbons/clips etc.
15. Small torch
16. Tuck tin
17. Steel box with name and school address
18. Air bag
19. Powder/Vaseline if required
20. Two sets of key ring
  1. These personal items should be checked and supplies by the parents after every intervals when he/she returns to the school.
  2. All clothes must be marked with names sewn on the garments.
  3. School is not responsible for clothes which are unmarked or on which the name can not be read.
  4. Clothes that get too old(beyond mending) will be sent back.Parents are requested to replace the items by new ones when the child is back to school from home.
  5. In case of little Boys & Girls up to std I, the pants and skirts will be worn with attached bibs abd straps