Message from the Founder Secretary

Dear Principal (Rev.Deacon Vijay Shaw)

Let me congratulate you for this occasion. I am truly happy to see how by god's Grace B.W.S. Soeko has traversed the rough road of success, facing numberless obstacles, difficulties, problems and hazards of all sorts. I remember our beloved Miss S.John( a great well wisher of Bishop Westcott School Soeko, now gone to be with her Lord) how she used to admire your style of living in the new nuptial days, when the dream of the Chairman Z.J. Terom was begining to take shape.

The Bishop, Mr. R.I. Thronton, Principal, B.W.B.S, Miss V. Pankaj, Principal, B.W.G.S and members of then committee watched and appreciated your desire, direction, determination and dedication in setting up this school at Soeko. We are thankful to God on account of you.

People who have overcome obstacles are more secure than those who never facced them. Yet don't feel complacent about it. The success is a progressive realisation of a worthy goal, and progressive means that success is a journey, not a destination. We never arrive. After we reach one goal, we go on to the next and the next and the next....

Be strong in the Lord and courageous. Don't be afraid. Trust the Lord who so graciously sustained you and your family all these years. Ony guard your steps and go marching on. The Lord your God goes with you. He will never leave you nor forsake you.

Yours in Him
Rt. Rev.O.K.Tirkey